16 kW Install in Ravensdale, WA

Washington Electric can perform a nice, clean looking installation. Here we have a 16 kW unit that provides power to the entire left-hand side 200 amp panel.


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RIP: Portable Generator in Kirkland, WA

This Champion portable generator was utilized for backup power during outages in Kirkland, WA.
During a long outage, the owners went to refuel the generator and the generator was hot enough to ignite the gasoline. Attempts to put out the flames were futile and all they were able to do was pull it far enough away from the building to prevent the fire from spreading.
An automatic standby generator is a valid option to prevent circumstances like these. No need to refuel since an automatic generator runs from the natural gas or liquid propane on site.
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32 kW Liquid-cooled Generator Install



Take a look at this 32 kW liquid-cooled generator install in Pierce county. Complete with an exterior-rated transfer switch.

amoroso-32-kw amoroso-ats

This generator powers the whole home, including a geothermal heating system. Too cool!

amoroso-install amoroso-interior-32-kw

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11 kW ‘Semi-Automatic’ Install in Maple Valley, WA

Pictured below is an 11 kW semi-automatic install which powers an entire Maple Valley home. If you’re willing to simply flip a switch, Washington Electric can save you money on your standby generator system.

Main breaker interlock Denn On Off Switch

11 kw 2


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22 kW Install in Issaquah, WA

Take a look at this 22 kW Generac Guardian standby generator install in Issaquah. We can perform a nice, clean looking install at your home. We provide concrete pads for the generator to be placed upon. In addition, we can install exterior-rated transfer switches with load control to ensure the proper operation, compliance, and aesthetics of your automatic generator system.

Tanonis ATS Tanonis Generator

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8 kW Generac Guardian Installation in Bellevue, WA

We installed this 8 kW system for a customer in Bellevue.

Gonchar Gonchar 8 kW

Pictured below is a 2-inch seismic earthquake valve. It never hurts to be prepared for the possibility of an earthquake event in the Pacific Northwest

Gonchar meter & valve 2 inch earthquake valve


On all of our installs, like the one above, our technicians arrive with fully-stocked vehicles to ensure your job is completed correctly and efficiently.

Fleet vehicles

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Generac Guardian 16 kW in Woodway

Take a look at this recent install of a 16 kW automatic standby generator system north of Seattle in beautiful Woodway!

16 kW 2 16 kW

This 16 kW generator system has a 16-circuit automatic transfer switch that services dual panels. Each electrical panel is protected with a premium whole house surge protector. These whole panel surge protectors help protect your valuable and expensive electronic equipment throughout the home.

ppecb34b4e16 ckt ATS + duel surge arrestors

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